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Happy Tree Friends - Bubble Burst Happy Tree Friends - Bubble Burst

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Much better than your previous one. Though again there are some tings that should change. Firstly I didn t like the friendly version with no deaths and splatter a happy tree friends originals were all about deaths and splatter, but I ll leave this one hreas a personal opinion. Secondly don t try to put so many characters in one episode as it s either getting comfusing and boring. In the original episodes there were episodes with only one or two characters. That s because it s all about the death scene. That s the point of interest and there were as many characters each time as needed. Maybe you shoulsd try a single character episode too. Last but not least your intro s texts need some work to be done. The place of the text and sometimes the colours were not helpful to read. Once again though great job and it s amasing to try reproducing htf episodes all by yourself! I still hope to see more from you!

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Nemao responds:

If i had many character it's beacause my subscriber on youtube harass me to add x character and x character, it's maybe boring for you, but you can check my youtube comments, people would love i add all character XD

Thanks for the feedback.

Happy Tree Friends - Tree Party Happy Tree Friends - Tree Party

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Improvements could be made by adding some more sound effects and making the plot more stable as there are some timeswith awkward silences and the plot in general isn t as good as the originals. Your animating skills are too damn good though so I hope to see somemore from youin the future! :)

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